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"I had been looking for a new home for 3-4 months and just about to give up for the Christmas/New Year break. Then on Monday evening there it was…popped up on the net and just what I wanted.

Next day which was only two days before Christmas Eve, I organised to view it. So did a lot of others so I knew I had to move very quickly. I made an offer and said I needed an answer in an hour and said I could exchange straight away. Sheer madness and I had not done any financial planning much less tied up the deposit etc.

They accepted my offer and said it was because I could do it all so quickly. O.M.G now I had to move. But immediately I felt calm as I just knew the amazing team at Horizon would be there to back me up. And did they do any amazing job. I called my Branch Manager and gave her some details and the next day went in and she had it all done. I picked up my deposit cheque and exchanged on Christmas Eve not even 48 hours after I had gone to see the townhouse. The real estate agent was amazed and in awe of my credit union, as am I.

No way I could have even thought about it without the solid comfort I had in knowing after 22 years as a member of Horizon that the team all live by their wonderful “can do” attitude. Nothing is a problem to them. Thank you Horizon, my first celebratory cocktail in my new home will salute you."

Jill Martin