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The Evolution of Horizon

We have big news! In September Horizon Credit Union will begin trading under the name Horizon Bank.

Why change?

This change has been driven by a desire to safeguard Horizon’s long-term relevance and viability in an era of rapidly evolving technology, and regrettably, declining awareness of what a Credit Union is. Whilst the Horizon business and membership is as strong as it has ever been in our 55 years, a new generation of Horizon members is necessary to sustain us for the long term.

What’s changing?

  • Our logo, corporate colours & signage
  • Website
  • Online Banking
  • Mobile App


Our new app logo

An exampe of our new website home page


What's not changing?

Our staff's commitment to go 'above and beyond' for our members. The things that make Horizon special – our member focus, our values, and our fantastic staff, will not be changing .These are the things that set us apart and that's how we'll continue.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q. Will my member number or accounts stay the same?

A. Yes everything remains the same


Q. Can I still use my Horizon Visa card/s after the name changes?

A. Yes you can continue to use your cards until the normal expiry date.


Q. Do all my pay or benefits coming to Horizon remain the same or if I have automated bill payments do they remain too?

A. Yes everything remains the same


Q. Will the BSB remain as 802 124?

A. Yes it stays the same.


Q. Can I still use my personal cheque book even though it says Horizon Credit Union on it?

A. Yes you can.


Q. Will Horizon still have the $250,000 Government Deposit Guarantee?

A. Yes it will.


Q. Will I need to download a new Horizon app?

A. If you already have our app, simply ensure the latest update is installed.


Q. Will the website change?

A. Yes it will. It’s changing to