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What if my HandyNet password doesn’t work?

Passwords are case sensitive so please check your caps lock then carefully re-enter your password. You might also check that your Num Lock is on too.

If you are still having problems logging in, please contact your local branch during business hours. Find our contact details here

What format can HandyNet passwords be in?

Passwords can be alpha-numeric and 4-20 characters can be used. The password must also include 1 number. Passwords are case sensitive.

Does it matter what Internet browser I use?

All browsers are compatible; however minimum versions of Internet Explorer 8.0, Mozilla Firefox 10.0, Google Chrome 2.0 and Apple Safari 5.0 are required.

Is Internet Banking secure?

Ensuring that your personal details, funds and account information remain secure from unauthorised access is paramount. Read more about Online Security here

What is my transfer limit?

Limits for external transfers and BPAY payments will default to $1,500.

Members may request temporary limit increases for one-off larger transactions, and permanent increases can be issued provided the member has registered for SMS One Time Password (a one-off password is sent to your mobile phone via SMS. This needs to be entered to authorise the transaction).

Members may also request lower, or even zero transfer limits if they do not have a need to transfer funds via internet banking. If you have previously requested zero limits, these will be adjusted accordingly.

Please contact Horizon to request transfer limit changes.

Can I receive SMS Alerts?

Yes you can. You will need to register for SMS Alerts and set your alert preferences within HandyNet.

How can I do a loan redraw?

If your loan is in advance and you have funds available to redraw, you can process a redraw online. To do this, go to the Account Details screen for the loan account and look for the heading ‘Process Redraw’. You’ll see 2 buttons, Transfer or BPAY. Click on the option you want and this will take you to either the Transfer Money page or the BPAY page where you can perform your redraw.

How can I remove accounts that I don’t want displayed?

You can remove accounts from your display by using a computer, logging onto HandyNet > Account Options > Organise Accounts > untick whatever you don’t want to be displayed.

How do I register or deregister for electronic statements (eStatements)?

You can nominate to receive your statements electronically or by mail via HandyNet. Once you are logged into HandyNet, simply go to Account Options then eStatements then Options.

Can I view eStatements via a mobile phone?

When you log onto HandyNet via your mobile phone you are accessing Mobile Banking which is a cut down version of HandyNet. eStatements aren’t available via Mobile Banking so in order to view eStatements you will need to log on to the full version of HandyNet using a desktop computer.

How do I register for one time password?

SMS OTP is a 'second factor' security option for HandyNet users. This is a once-only, random password which is generated and sent to a mobile number that has been pre-registered. After registering for HandyNet, login from a desktop computer and navigate to 'Setup Security Options' in the 'Services & Help' menu. New users will require SMS OTP to gain full HandyNet access.

If you still require help or have further questions contact us

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